Saturday, March 12, 2016

Read before writing

A quick refresher this morning before tackling a writing task in the afternoon.

A quick read of my notes on these two books always helps focus my attention for any writing task.

I make a point of re-reading Zinsser's book in its entirety at least once a year. It takes but a couple of hours, best 'writing skills preventative maintenance' I can think of. It's also worth re-reading my notes prior to any major writing task, which is why I'm doing it today. I think of it as 'pre-flighting my writing skills'.

Before any major writing task, I go over Strunk & White's rules so that they're fresh in my mind as I write. That helps cut down on editing time later.

-- -- -- --

For the terminally lazy: Amazon links to On Writing Well and The Elements Of Style. (I would make them affiliate links, but I too am lazy.)