Saturday, April 8, 2017

Early April geekery

😎 Much ado about YouTube monetization: a few pictures

There's a lot of nonsense in my social media feeds about "The End Of You Tube" and other self-serving notions by people who lost monetization of their videos. Here are a few images about that, which I made in my free time and using only public information sources.

😎 Shane Killian again schools Thunderf00t on basics of Engineering

😎 Having some fun with Rstats

Since RStudio is always up on my machines, sometimes I use it for fun. First, not quite chaos, with the logistic map, $x(t+1) = r \, x(t) \, (1- x(t))$, for an $r$ below the critical level:

Then some cellular automata (using package CellularAutomaton):